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NBCWS Leaders Summary as of Aug 09, 2016 (Championship Week)

82nd NBC World Series — Wichita, Kan.

NBCWS Leaders Summary as of Aug 09, 2016

(Championship Week games only)


NJCAA National Team2.446652229512862-2
Sant Barb Foresters2.3625822214011286-6
San Diego CA Force2.3405314183027112-4
Fairbanks Goldpnnrs2.3338720295106115-7
Kansas Stars2.29375162250118150-0
Northwest WA Honkers2.25958815200696-9
Haysville Aviators2.254679172117130-1
Valley Ctr Dia Dawgs2.250643163003131-4
Hutch KS Monarchs2.246693173007205-6
Hays KS Larks2.2426610162019114-6
Seattle WA Studs2.2336091401114115-7
Liberal KS BeeJays2.175577102306120-1
San Diego CA Waves2.175632111209202-2
Dodge City KS A’s2.1434917100090-1
Austin Sharp End Ath2.12158271006152-2
Sterling CO Xpress2.06546030007161-1


Northwest WA Honkers20.5020118.01811616
Sant Barb Foresters20.6020015.0511817
San Diego CA Force20.6420114.091126
Seattle WA Studs21.0020118.01432116
Kansas Stars21.5020018.0733817
Hays KS Larks21.5020118.010431024
NJCAA National Team22.5720014.0644511
Hutch KS Monarchs23.1802017.01996713
Fairbanks Goldpnnrs23.6020020.019108511
San Diego CA Waves23.7102017.0129787
Valley Ctr Dia Dawgs23.7102017.01587713
Liberal KS BeeJays29.0002017.03020171014
Dodge City KS A’s29.0002013.0171513149
Austin Sharp End Ath29.5302017.0292318710
Haysville Aviators29.7202016.2211918119
Sterling CO Xpress210.6702014.1211817167


Kansas Stars2542101.000201-2
NJCAA National Team2421501.000000-0
Haysville Aviators250221.986006-7
Hays KS Larks254181.986001-2
Northwest WA Honkers254161.986106-6
Sterling CO Xpress243131.982001-1
Valley Ctr Dia Dawgs251212.973003-5
Dodge City KS A’s239242.969004-6
Sant Barb Foresters245172.969102-2
Hutch KS Monarchs251283.963003-5
Seattle WA Studs254253.963200-3
Liberal KS BeeJays251213.960001-1
San Diego CA Force242213.955111-2
Austin Sharp End Ath251254.950205-6
San Diego CA Waves251275.940217-10
Fairbanks Goldpnnrs260277.926300-1





Min 2.8 AB/Team gameGAvgABRHRBI2B3BHRBBMin 1.0 IP/Team gameAppERAW-LSvIPHRERBBSO
Mitchell Morimoto-NJC2.83363520000Tanner Dahl-NWWA20.001-017.290009
Rhett Aplin-NJCNT2.75083621101Ben Wusterbarth-HMNR20.000-006.120007
Justin Harrer-49S2.66795600001Kyle Johnston-SBF10.001-006.020037
Sam Thorne-SDFRC2.66760440000Keegan Curtis-HAYS10.001-006.0310211
Brandon Inge-KSTAR2.62582511002Alex Lopez-HAYS10.001-005.220055
Michael Burns-HAYS2.57173411002Joe Lienhard-DGCA10.000-005.130053
Joe Moroney-SBF2.57172421001Jonathan Groff-NJCNT10.001-005.000017
Steven Pico-SDWVE2.57170420101A.J. Franks-49S20.000-005.020013
Jacob Boston-HAYS2.50082410000Jayson Yano-SDFRC10.001-005.020002
Neil Lambert-AVTR2.50081431000Brad Bennett-NWWA10.000-004.050011
Austin Atwell-49S1.50060331000Josh Beckett, KSTAR10.000-003.000022
Chase Sortor-AUSEA2.50060300001Tim Hudson, KSTAR10.001-003.000023
Cole Krzmarzick-49S2.455113511100Taylor Thompson, STUDS20.000-012.220002
Bret Boswell-SBF2.44495472011Braden Riddle, SDWVE20.000-002.121012
Kyle Knauth-LBJ2.42973312001Tyler Wilson, NWWA10.000-002.100003


Justin Harrer-49S6 Kyle Knauth-LBJ2 Conner Savage-STUDS33
Rhett Aplin-NJCNT6 Bret Boswell-SBF2 Joe Moroney-SBF33
Cole Krzmarzick-49S5 Jax Biggers-NJCNT2 6 tied2 
Brandon Inge-KSTAR5 33 tied1 STRIKEOUTSIPSO
Mitchell Morimoto-NJCNT5 TRIPLES3BKeegan Curtis-HAYS6.011
RUNS SCORED9 tied1 Tanner Dahl-NWWA7.29
Justin Harrer-49S5 HOME RUNSHRParker McDonald-VCTR7.18
Bret Boswell-SBF5 Jos DeRoche-Duffin-SDFRC2 5 tied7 
4 tied4 7 tied1 
Bret Boswell-SBF7 Jos DeRoche-Duffin-SDFRC10 
Isaiah Aluko-49S6 Bret Boswell-SBF9 
Pete Orr-KSTAR5 Rhett Aplin-NJCNT9 
Jos DeRoche-Duffin-SDFRC5 Cole Krzmarzick-49S8 
Sam Thorne-SDFRC4 5 tied6 


Northwest WA Honkers201.00081718.000.06
Hays KS Larks201.000104618.000.22
Hutchinson KS Monarchs02.00039-617.000.53
San Diego CA Waves02.00029-717.000.53
Santa Barbara CA Foresters201.0002212115.000.07
Fairbanks AK Goldpannrs201.00020101020.000.50
Haysville KS Aviators02.000919-1016.671.14
Austin Sharp End Ath02.000223-2117.001.35
San Diego CA Force201.0001411314.000.07
Seattle WA Studs201.00093618.000.17
Valley Ctr Dia Dawgs02.00038-517.000.47
Dodge City KS A’s02.000115-1413.001.15
NJCAA National Team201.0002241814.000.29
Kansas Stars201.0001631318.000.17
Liberal KS BeeJays02.000720-1317.001.18
Sterling CO Xpress02.000018-1814.331.26

First Week Update & Stats


Photo by Brett Schauf



Pool Play finals Day 1. Episode 1: Pool C
Cape Girardeau holds control of the group at 2-0 and has defeated both Colorado Cyclones and the Wichita Sluggers, and is projected to advance for that reason. A loss to Salina will not change the status.

Episode 2: Pool A
Liberal holds control of the group at 2-0 and will advance with a win over Fort Worth (1-1). The Bee Jays will lose control with a loss tothe Whitetails, and the group may have three teams finish at 2-1 (with a Park City win over Laurel), throwing matters to the electoral college of tiebreakers (anything beyond two teams head-to-head).

Stats through four days, August 1 (two of three rounds played):
Kansas Cannons: .424
Cape Girardeau MO: 1.06 era
Colorado Cyclones: .986 fielding
Three teams have three double plays turned each
Josh Kunzmann (Valley Ctr) and Mike Leal (El Dorado) are batting .800 (4-for-5); Grant Buchanan (Colo Cyclones) .700 (7-for-10)
Tyson Campbell (El Dorado) 0.00 ERA in 6 IP
Brady Wright (Cape Girardeau) 10 strikeouts
Seven players have hit one home run.
Eight games decided by three or fewer runs…seven games decided by 10 or more runs
Tournament batting: .303
Tournament ERA: 5.81
Tournament Fielding: .947

Championship Week Schedule


First Week Pool Play

The first week schedule is set!!

Friday, July 29


4:30 PM Wichita Sluggers vs.Salina, KS Bluejays

7:00 PM Liberal, KS Bee Jaysvs. Laurel, MS Black Cats

9:30 PM Colorado Cyclones vs. Burger King, MO Capahas

Midnight Park City, KS Rangers vs. Ft. Worth, TX Whitetails


Saturday, July 30
4:30 PMAction Baseball – Austin, TX vs. ATH, CA Golden Bears
7:00 PMValley Center, KS Diamond Dawgs vs. Colorado Sox
9:30 PMKansas Cannons vs.El Dorado, KS Broncos
MidnightOzark, MO Generals vs. Game Day, CO Saints
Sunday, July 31
2:00 PMFt. Worth, TX Whitetails vs. Laurel, MS Black Cats
4:30 PMSalina, KS Bluejays vs. Colorado Cyclones
7:00 PMLiberal, KS Bee Jays vs. Park City, KS Rangers
9:30 PMBurger King, MO Capahas vs. Wichita Sluggers
Monday, August 1
2:00 PMAction Baseball – Austin, TX vs. Kansas Cannons
4:30 PMEl Dorado, KS Broncos vs. ATH, CA Golden Bears
7:00 PMOzark, MO Generals vs. Valley Center, KS Diamond Dawgs
9:30 PMGame Day, CO Saints vs. Colorado Sox
Tuesday, August 2
2:00 PMColorado Cyclones vs. Wichita Sluggers
4:30 PMLaurel, MS Black Cats vs. Park City, KS Rangers
7:00 PMBurger King, MO Capahas vs. Salina, KS Bluejays
9:30 PMFt. Worth, TX Whitetails vs. Liberal, KS Bee Jays
Wednesday, August 3
2:00 PMColorado Sox vs. Ozark, MO Generals
4:30 PMValley Center, KS Diamond Dawgs vs. Game Day, CO Saints
7:00 PMEl Dorado, KS Broncos vs. Action Baseball, TX
9:30 PMATH, CA Golden Bears vs. Kansas Cannons
Thursday, August 4
7:00 PMWinner Advances to Championship Week
9:30 PMWinner Advances to Championship Week



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