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NBC makes payment to City of Wichita, New Stadium in the Future


Like a baseball manager getting ejected by an umpire, so the city of Wichita is ready to eject Lawrence-Dumont Stadium.

“What we recognize now is there’s really nothing to save over there,” said Mayor Jeff Longwell.  He said the stadium’s infrastructure is in bad shape including the plumbing.  He says the stadium concrete is crumbling.  He wants to have a ground breaking next year.

Lawrence-Dumont was a “Works Projects Administration” project during the great depression, opening in 1934.

Longwell said, “We are in the process of putting together all of the finance packages needed to build a new Lawrence Dumont Stadium,” Longwell said.

He said Star Bonds will be used in the financing.  He said the next step is to hire an architect to move forward with plans.

NBC World Series makes impact, repays on city loan

Longwell said the city wants to build a National Baseball Congress museum to be open year-round and include a restaurant.

Longwell indicated the probability of not having professional baseball for a season.

“We don’t know yet if we’re going to lose a season in 2018 or 2019,” he said. “So we don’t have that schedule laid out for us just yet, in terms of, do we lose a baseball season?”

That’s while a stadium is under construction.

But as for the National Baseball Congress games Longwell said, “What we would do is move the NBC to another facility.  And so we would not lose a season for the NBC.   We may have to move them to another venue for one year.”

He said the most logical place for the NBC tournament games to be played is on the Wichita State University campus in Eck Stadium, while a new Lawrence-Dumont Stadium is being built.

City Council Member and NBC Board Member Lavonta Williams said, “We are looking forward to being in a new stadium.  But the thing we’ll have to look at is where we can temporarily play and right now Wichita State is a great avenue for us to look at.”

A new stadium could lead to an affiliation with a major league baseball team said Longwell.

“We believe there are multiple opportunities and we’ve already talked to multiple teams. We are just in the beginning stages of those conversations also. It’s exciting.  It’s great to see baseball at a level we haven’t been accustomed to in a while.”


Media Advisory NBC Foundation Payment

First Week Update & Stats


Photo by Brett Schauf



Pool Play finals Day 1. Episode 1: Pool C
Cape Girardeau holds control of the group at 2-0 and has defeated both Colorado Cyclones and the Wichita Sluggers, and is projected to advance for that reason. A loss to Salina will not change the status.

Episode 2: Pool A
Liberal holds control of the group at 2-0 and will advance with a win over Fort Worth (1-1). The Bee Jays will lose control with a loss tothe Whitetails, and the group may have three teams finish at 2-1 (with a Park City win over Laurel), throwing matters to the electoral college of tiebreakers (anything beyond two teams head-to-head).

Stats through four days, August 1 (two of three rounds played):
Kansas Cannons: .424
Cape Girardeau MO: 1.06 era
Colorado Cyclones: .986 fielding
Three teams have three double plays turned each
Josh Kunzmann (Valley Ctr) and Mike Leal (El Dorado) are batting .800 (4-for-5); Grant Buchanan (Colo Cyclones) .700 (7-for-10)
Tyson Campbell (El Dorado) 0.00 ERA in 6 IP
Brady Wright (Cape Girardeau) 10 strikeouts
Seven players have hit one home run.
Eight games decided by three or fewer runs…seven games decided by 10 or more runs
Tournament batting: .303
Tournament ERA: 5.81
Tournament Fielding: .947

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