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USA Baseball to Continue Offering Online Community Clinics

CARY, N.C. – USA Baseball announced today it is expanding its offerings of online Community Clinics through the month of May in an effort to support coaches and parents currently enrolled in its Coaches Certification pathway. The free clinics will take place on the following dates:

Wednesday, May 6 from 9 p.m.-12 a.m. ET
Wednesday, May 13 from 12 – 3 p.m. ET
Saturday, May 16 from 12 – 3 p.m. ET
Wednesday, May 20 from 9 p.m. -12 a.m. ET (En Español)
Wednesday, May 27 from 12 – 3 p.m. ET

Registration for each clinic is now open with limited spots available on

The Coaches Certification pathway is a free three-tiered program consisting of ascending levels: “A” Certification, “B” Certification and “C” Certification. All of the levels contain a series of courses that cover topics such as health and safety, creating a positive team environment, recognizing and responding to misconduct, practice planning, game management and skill-specific development.

This program requires the participation in a Community or Regional Clinic in order to obtain a “C” Certification. The clinics are typically held year-round at facilities nationwide in partnership with the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association and GameChanger, but will be hosted online for the first time ever in 2020. The clinics are run by veteran coaches from all levels of baseball in order to proliferate a culture of continuing education, development and mentorship.

Committed to co-host the online clinics are coaches from Cal State Fullerton, Flower Mound Marcus High School (Texas), the Minnesota Twins, the University of South Carolina, USA Baseball and Wabash Valley Community College.

Upon completion of the certification, coaches simultaneously satisfy the training requirements set forth by Senate Bill 534 (SB 534) and also begin the process of becoming Pure Baseball compliant. In November 2018, USA Baseball announced Pure Baseball, a zero-tolerance policy regarding abuse constructed in cooperation with SB 534 and the policies created by the U.S. Center for SafeSport. To concurrently become Pure Baseball compliant, coaches need only submit to and pass an annual background check, which can be done at through USA Baseball’s service provider, JD Palatine.

For more information on the Coaches Certification program and to begin the courses required to complete certification, visit In addition to this new program, all courses and resources for players, coaches, parents and umpires on are available at no cost to users and aim to provide a positive baseball experience for all.

Wichita Bids Adieu to Lawrence-Dumont Stadium

Wichita Bids Adieu to Lawrence-Dumont Stadium

The banging and clanging of metal tools striking against steel seats echoed throughout Lawrence-Dumont Stadium; the ping and pangs were loud enough to even disrupt the ghost of  Ray“Hap” Dumont, who convinced the City of Wichita to build the stadium to host his semi-amateur baseball in 1935. Many still claim that his presence can be felt since his death at his office in the building 46-years-ago.

On this day, fans were allowed to grab a piece of history or a slice of childhood memories with chair sale. The cash-only event allowed fans of Wichita baseball to purchase seats for as low as $5 for the red seats, $20 for the red/tan seats, and $35 for the blue seats. Fans were encouraged to dig into their toolboxes to be able to remove a seat, or even a row of four,  from its foundation on the main concourse.

A total of 250 seats were sold on Saturday according to Troy Houtman, Director of Parks and Recreation. The rest will be given donated to local universities, community colleges, and high schools in the area.  A few of the seats will be on display at various bus stops, art galleries, and trendy neighborhoods in town.

After the stadium purge of seats, the “Farewell to Lawrence-Dumont Stadium” began featuring a collection of food trucks, a celebrity softball game, movie screenings, and a firework show.  It was a proper send off to a facility that has been the catalyst of copious amounts of memories. Within a few weeks, it will be razed to make way for a new Triple-A ballpark that hopes to create a new tradition of its own beginning in the 2020 season

“Generations have come and gone with Lawrence-Dumont Stadium,” said Kevin Jenks, NBC General Manager/Tournament Director. “Members of the Lawrence and Dumont families attended and it’s hard for them. The NBC has a great relationship with both families. Charley Lawrence and Hap Dumont are responsible for the stadium being built in 1934. Its impact isn’t felt just by those families, LDS has contributed memories for thousands of fans and players over the years.”

The scoreboard will be donated to a local high school, it’s lighting possibly salvaged if it can’t find a new home, and other parts auctioned off to the highest bidder. All remnants of the stadium’s former tenant the Wichita Wingnuts were auctioned off a few weeks ago. Pretty soon there will be nothing but peanut shells that need to be swept up from the building’s main concourse.

The city will pay as much as $83 million for the redevelopment of the property that will also include a new pedestrian bridge that will cross the river, a three-tier building for retail and office space, and other infrastructure. The construction will begin in April of next year and when finish has a capacity for 10,000 fans with fixed seats and social areas.

The NBC will also utilize the stadium for one week during the summer for its amateur World Series while the yet-t0-be-named Triple-A ballclub, currently operating in New Orleans, is on the road. The new stadium will also be home to an NBC museum and office space. Next season, NBC World Series will be held at Eck Stadium on the campus of Wichita State University during the construction.

“We’re excited to play at Eck Stadium”,  added Jenks who said that more teams have inquired about participating next season in the tournament. “Its amenities are great for our fans and our teams will like the pre-game prep/practice area much more. The only challenge is going through the “get ready” process of moving a new facility for the first time in 85 years. The operations staff at WSU has been professional and accommodating to our unique needs of a two-week event.”

The city hopes to attract 888,400 visitors to the baseball facility that can also be used 10 days a year for charitable and community events. A ballpark village with an outfield entrance will be situated along the river with businesses hoping to fill in the south end of the stadium. Mayor Jeff Longwell said at the official announcement that Arkansas River has been vastly overlooked.

“We have literally turned our backs on this river for decades and decades and decades and now we are embracing the river as the great amenity it should be.”

The ballpark would be completed by March 15, 2020, while the team commits to a 20-year lease with an initial rent payment of $350,000 annually, before it is adjusted to inflation every five years.

It is indeed an end of an era in Wichita; the old ballpark was once serviceable as a home to minor league baseball, but wouldn’t be able to hack it anymore under its current conditions. Although full of nostalgia for many who remember their first time watching a game underneath its old grandstand, the city is due for a modern ballpark to satisfy the appetites and empty the pockets who now attend the game as more of a social event.

The over the eight-decade run of LDS is a strong testament to its stubbornness and unwillingness to cede to more modern ballparks, but at the dawn of the next decade, there will be a state of the art ballpark offering perhaps everything architects in the past have overlooked when designing similar facilities.

“It is a bittersweet situation,” added Houtman. The current Lawrence-Dumont Stadium is 84-years-old and it has so many memories to folks here in Wichita, but the infrastructure is so outdated and the mounting costs of repairs and upgrades have made it fiscally impossible to renovate or sustain in its current state.  It is my hope that the folks from Wichita will make many new memories and experience at the new stadium.”

That feeling is also shared by Jenks who knows that it was inevitable to build a new stadium for both a minor league team and amateur tournament.

“All that said, a new stadium is desperately needed. It should have happened 10-15 years ago. The next generation of NBC fans will grow up in a beautiful facility. Plus, the NBC museum will showcase our tradition, history, and nostalgia that so many people have helped build.”

In an age were many ballparks are being knocked down after less than 25 years, an 84-year-old ballpark is something to truly appreciate. However, it is time for a new ballpark that hopes to create as many memories as Lawrence-Dumont Stadium. If there was ever a city waiting for such a moment, it is definitely Wichita, Kansas.

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Farewell Lawrence-Dumont Stadium on October 13

Hosted by City of Wichita Parks and Recreation, City of Wichita and Wichita District 4

Wichita, help us bid farewell to Lawrence-Dumont Stadium on Oct. 13, starting at 2:30 pm. The event will include the Collegiate High School Marching Band, two exposition softball games, a tribute to Lawrence-Dumont Stadium, The Astronauts Band, fireworks, food trucks: Kona Ice NW Wichita, U-Hungry TRUCK, Hot-2-Trot Gourmet Hotdogs and Bar on Demand mobile bartending and more!

A huge thank you to Waste Connections Inc., Farmers Insurance Group and Schreck Financial Group LLC for sponsoring the event.

National Baseball Congress has made a ‘contingency plan’ to leave Lawrence-Dumont

June 29, 2018 06:08 PM

NBC June Newsletter

NBC June Newsletter

Advance individual tickets on sale now for the 84th NBC World Series, $10 will get you ANY non-reserved seat in the Historic Lawrence-Dumont Stadium for up to 4 games a day. We have made it easier now for someone wanting to attend and watch exciting baseball. This $10 ticket price is for advance tickets only, as the ticket price goes up to $12 on day of game tickets.
If you attend the NBC World Series with a group of friends or family, purchasing the Flex Ticket package is the way to go, for $160 you get 20 vouchers that can be redeemed for any ticket on any day. These vouchers are good to use all at once, or you can break them up and use them on multiple days.
Now if you are a diehard baseball fan, and want to attend all 57 games of the NBC World Series, the season pass is the best bet. $125, gets you a reserved lower section seat in the stadium to be close to the action. That’s $2.17 per game.
We have started selling all these exciting ticket options, and look forward to hearing from each of you on which option you want to purchase tickets to see exciting baseball at Historic Lawrence-Dumont Stadium.
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NBC World Series: Going strong, not leaving Wichita

WICHITA, Kan. — The nation’s largest and longest continuous sporting event has called Wichita home since 1935, and the future is looking just as bright for the NBC World Series.

“We’re excited about the new promotions and fan experiences we have planned for this year,” said National Baseball Congress General Manager/Tournament Director Kevin Jenks. “We also want to clarify any confusion about the future of the NBC World Series in Wichita. Regardless of any plans that may affect Lawrence-Dumont Stadium, we have made arrangements that ensure we will have a place to play here in Wichita.”

Eck Stadium at Wichita State University has been secured as an alternate, interim venue if it is required. The NBC and WSU have a longstanding relationship, having hosted numerous NBC World Series games over the years.

“We always look forward to playing at Eck Stadium, it’s a great facility for our fans, teams, and supporters,” said Jenks.

The 84th NBC World Series, Powered by Westar Energy, is on deck for another great run of summer family fun beginning July 27th and running through August 11th at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium.

The NBC World Series is in its fourth season as a non-profit, 501©3 organization, independently owned and operated under the NBC Foundation Board of Directors. The NBC Foundation is dedicated to growing and enhancing the game of baseball in our community while paying tribute to our proud baseball tradition. We strive to provide our participants an opportunity to compete against the best, establish and sustain strong partnerships, and provide an entertaining and memorable event for all generations of fans.

For more information about the NBC World Series or to purchase tickets, visit



NBC May Newsletter

May Newsletter is out!

With the 84th NBC World Series just 79 days away, we look at our long history and want everyone to know, we aren’t going anywhere and our future is in a better place than it’s been for several years. We want to thank everyone for their continued support and look forward to the many more years of the NBC World Series being played in Wichita!!

With that being said, 2018 will be an exciting year, and more importantly a year we look at the history of Hap Dumont and what he created for our community. Another year of honoring our history and those who’ve played a role in the deep tradition that is the NBC World Series. If this is the last year at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium, the NBC World Series plans to play at Wichita State’s Eck Stadium, then move back to a NEW LDS, which will feature NBC offices and museum.

We have had a great April, and the upcoming months will bring more exciting and fun events that highlight our 84th NBC World Series.

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NBC April Newsletter

April Newsletter is out!

March Madness is over and baseball is finally here!! Kevin Jenks won our NCAA Tournament office pool by picking some team out of Pennsylvania. Eddie was out of the competition early due to a team from Wichita meeting up against a herd of Green.

Tickets are on sale for Season Passes, Flex Tickets and Group Events. Season Passes, First and Championship Week passes have been reduced. If you are interested, give us a call at 316-977-9400.

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NBC March Newsletter

March Newsletter is out!

March Madness is here!!! Who is your favorite team? Laces and the staff will be competing in a Bracket Challenge, and the great thing about it, our fans can win free tickets to the 2018 NBC World Series by following us on Facebook.

For the third year, we are having our MLB Pitch, Hit and Run events, and we are partnering with local recreation centers and Baseball/Softball programs to have a fun and free competition for boys and girls between the ages of seven and fourteen. Winners get the chance to compete in the finals at the MLB All-Star Game this summer.

We will start selling our Season Passes within a couple weeks, and Individual Tickets, Flex Tickets and Parties (Skybox, Party Deck, Hardball Cafe, Field Pass) will be coming in the next two months.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat for exciting action going on with the NBC Staff and our affiliated teams.

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2017 NBC All-Americans

NBC All-Americans Announced for 2017


WICHITA, Kan. – The 2017 NBC All-Americans all had important hands in advancing their teams through the 83rd NBC World Series powered by Westar Energy.


Advancement, or winning, played a huge factor in shaping the 2017 All-American Team as the Cheney Diamond Dawgs and Mulvane Patriots played the most games in the World Series and wound up with the most representatives.


Here is the All-American team for the 83rd NBC World Series powered by Westar Energy:


Catchers (2):

Dalton Dinkel (Mulvane Patriots) earned the Just Block It Catcher Award after throwing out all four attempted base stealers against him. Dinkel had a NBCWS high 56 putouts as well. Dinkel also held his own at the plate with a whopping .417 average, scoring five times and driving in six while helping to advance the Patriots through the First Week, Win & In, and the Championship pool play rounds.


Caleb Cox (Mulvane Patriots) was just as productive offensively as his teammate, smashing a .533 average with a pair of doubles and three RBI. Cox posted the highest slugging percentage of any catcher throughout the 16 day stretch.


First Baseman (1):

Jake Levin (Everett Merchants) put on a show in the addidas Home Run Derby with moonshots to finish in second place out of the fourteen participants. In game, Levin was a stabilizing force in the middle of the Merchants’ lineup on their way to a runner-up finnish. Levin drove in four runs for Everett while leading all first baseman with a .438 average and a .471 on base percentage.


Second Baseman (1):

Hank LoForte (Santa Barbara Foresters) served as an ignitor for the Foresters three wins, tallying a .533 average while scoring four runs. LoForte reached base ten times in seventeen plate appearances while swiping a pair of bases. He also registered nearly five assists per game, plenty of them beyond the realm of routine, two more than any other infielder in the World Series.


Third Baseman (1):

Adam Brown (Mulvane Patriots) was among the most clutch hitters throughout the World Series, delivering RBI when Mulvane needed them most. Brown was one of only two players in the entire World Series to get to double digits in RBI, driving in 10 with 11 hits. Brown finished with three doubles and struck out just one time in 33 at bats.


Shortstop (1):

Alex Lyon (Wellington Heat) displayed spectacular instincts in the field without committing an error and lead all shorstops with a .455 batting average while also driving in 8 runs. He was a primary force in the Wellington lineup and an anchor defensively for the Heat in the field.

Outfield (3):

Tresten Kennard (Cheney Diamond Dawgs) swatted the baseball around Lawrence-Dumont Stadium en route to a World Series high 11 RBI. Kennard powered the middle of the Diamond Dawgs Lineup on their way to a Series high 8 wins while scoring eight times and hitting a pair of doubles and a pair of triples. Kennard finished with nine games played and a .448 average.


Nik Gonzalez (Northwest Boom) was an offensive lightning round for the lone representative from Arizona. Gonzalez fell a homer shy of the cycle but still roped three doubles and a triple while posting a .923 slugging percentage, the highest of the 2017 World Series. Gonzalez finished with seven hits in thirteen at-bats (.538) and scored five times in just three games.


Colton Barrington (Austin Shockers) was perhaps the biggest standout on an Austin Shockers team that earned the Best Offensive Team award. Barrington went 7-15 (.467) while scoring five times and driving in four runs in just four games.



Utility (2):

Landon Riker (Seattle Studs) sparked the Seattle Studs lineup to the tune of a 5-10 World Series. Riker was a constant threat on the bases, driving in three runs and walking three times as well.


Jacob Boston (Hays Larks) was in the middle of the fray for the Larks no matter where he hit or played defensively. Boston logged time in both the outfield and infield for Hays while still roping a .474 average, driving in four and scoring three times. Boston also delivered a pair of doubles.


Designated Hitter (1):

Brennan Fontenot (Great Bend Bat Cats) delivered just about every time he was at the plate for the Bat Cats, swatting a .471 average with five extra base hits. Fontenot’s .941 slugging percentage led all hitters.


Pitchers (5):

Blair Henley (Santa Barbara Foresters) was dominant in his turn to start for the Santa Barbara Foresters. Henley tossed seven scoreless inning and scattered four baserunners while punching out seven hits.


Bradley Demco (Cheney Diamond Dawgs) came in key situations for the Diamond Dawgs throughout the World Series and delivered almost every time. Demco was nearly unhittable in his first three appearances while he racked up two wins, a save, and 19 strikeouts in twelve innings of work.


Dalton Shelberg (San Diego Force) had a start for the ages in the San Diego Force’s 17 inning marathon to open up Championship Week. Shelberg tossed ten scorless innings, only allowing one hit and two walks while striking out 8. Despite earning the combined shutout effort, Shelberg still only lasted half of the game but was the primary reason the Force were able to capture the win.


Ryan Semon (San Diego Waves) played a crucial role in helping the Waves win their pool during Championship Week. Semon tossed seven scoreless innings over two relief outings while picking up one save and only allowing five baserunners.


Pete Irvin (Everett Merchants) kept the Everett Merchants in winning position in all of three starts. Irvin worked around hits, while starting half of the Merchants games. Irvin tossed 14 innings and posted 12 strikeouts.


Manager (1):

Pat Hon (Cheney Diamond Dawgs) led a Cheney team that remained unbeaten from the very opening day of First Week all the way until the semifinals on August 5th. The Diamond Dawgs notched 8 wins and survived two elimination games.



About NBC: The NBC World Series is the largest and the oldest continuous sporting event in the United States. This non-profit 501c(3) foundation operates under the supervision of a 16-member volunteer board of directors. To learn more visit

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