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2018 Volunteer Positions


The Usher acts as the fan’s host or hostess during their visit to Lawrence-Dumont Stadium. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. The usher must be willing to assist each fan and answer any questions that might arise. Ushers will be assigned a certain area in the stadium; ushers are responsible for assisting fans in finding the proper seat location and attending to any problems that arise from that section. Ushers assist in the Press Box area, Skybox Area, and stadium seating.

Duties: Greet, Host, Assist

Parking Attendant

This will consist of helping with parking in the VIP Parking, just south of Lawrence-Dumont Stadium. Parking attendant will take money from the patrons or verify their parking pass.

Duties: Setup, Greet, Cleanup

Ticket Greeters

This will consist of greeting and helping with the ticket gate in front of Lawrence-Dumont Stadium. Ticket greeters will assist with the organization of lines and checking of patrons coming into the stadium.

Duties: Greet, Assist

Ticket Takers

This will consist of scanning tickets at the front ticket gate for all games of the day. Ticket takers need to be there 1 hour before game time for the opening of the gates. On average, 4 games a day.

Duties: Greet, Customer Service, Scan


Volunteer will help in the cleaning of the stadium, picking up trash, organizing trash pickup, and helping with keeping the stadium a safe and healthy place for patrons.

Duties: Cleanup

If you are interested in volunteering or have a group interested, contact us via email at

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