2020 NBC World Series Update

June 15, 2020
86th NBC World Series Update
We appreciate the many inquiries concerning our “little” annual event. Your support and love for the NBC World Series is the reason we are diligently working to assure the NBC World Series is played for the 86th straight year. In March, we were ready to announce our dates, however, that quickly changed due to the pandemic. So, we decided to hold off. As we get closer to releasing those dates, we continue to work through the guidelines and restrictions that need to be in place for fans, teams and staff. We are communicating with the Wind Surge, county health and local officials to make sure we provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all.
We anticipate an announcement soon and should we have the good fortune of hosting the 86th NBC World Series we will announce ticket packages and group opportunities at that time.
Thank you for your loyal support!

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