National Baseball Congress

Presents the 81st NBC World Series

First Week Update & Stats



Photo by Brett Schauf



Pool Play finals Day 1. Episode 1: Pool C
Cape Girardeau holds control of the group at 2-0 and has defeated both Colorado Cyclones and the Wichita Sluggers, and is projected to advance for that reason. A loss to Salina will not change the status.

Episode 2: Pool A
Liberal holds control of the group at 2-0 and will advance with a win over Fort Worth (1-1). The Bee Jays will lose control with a loss tothe Whitetails, and the group may have three teams finish at 2-1 (with a Park City win over Laurel), throwing matters to the electoral college of tiebreakers (anything beyond two teams head-to-head).

Stats through four days, August 1 (two of three rounds played):
Kansas Cannons: .424
Cape Girardeau MO: 1.06 era
Colorado Cyclones: .986 fielding
Three teams have three double plays turned each
Josh Kunzmann (Valley Ctr) and Mike Leal (El Dorado) are batting .800 (4-for-5); Grant Buchanan (Colo Cyclones) .700 (7-for-10)
Tyson Campbell (El Dorado) 0.00 ERA in 6 IP
Brady Wright (Cape Girardeau) 10 strikeouts
Seven players have hit one home run.
Eight games decided by three or fewer runs…seven games decided by 10 or more runs
Tournament batting: .303
Tournament ERA: 5.81
Tournament Fielding: .947