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Laces Fanpage

Laces was born at the Diamond Baseball Factory. Not like any other baseball, he was crafted with the finest leather known to man and given the legendary blue and red stitch pattern unique only to NBC World Series balls. The smile on his face is as big as the heart in his chest and this lovable mascot accompanied with eyes to die for will take your breath away.

Laces is dedicated to making every NBC World Series a blast for all fans; nothing will stop him from joking around with fans and having a good time each game. Dressed for success, Laces’s outfit ensures that he is game ready no matter what happens on the field; if your team needs a pinch hitter to bring in that extra run or a pitcher to throw some strikes and close out the game, Laces is your guy and he’ll never disappoint!

The sixteen days of the World Series is Laces’s favorite time of the year and once the final game is played, he is counting down the days until the next tournament. Catch Laces during the NBC World Series and give him a high-five, take a picture with him, or task him with a prank to pull on one of the teams. You can also follow him on Twitter @NBCLaces!

Nickname: “Everyone’s favorite baseball”

Height: Larger than the average ball

Weight: Prefers not to answer

Bats: With his eyes closed

Throws: Heckling fans out of the stadium

Lucky Number: 35

Favorite Food: Donuts, funnel cakes, hot dogs

Notorious For: Breaking out in dance moves and arm wrestling people

Likes: Long walks around the bases, taking selfies, joking around with teams

Dislikes: Bunting, when the pitch clock sounds, rain delays

Hobbies: Hitting dingers, taking naps, eating

Favorite Quote: “There’s no crying in baseball”

Fun Facts About Laces

Laces’s favorite song is “Sweet Caroline.” Played during the middle of the 8th inning every game at the NBC World Series, this became Laces’s jam when he decided to join the fun and sing along with every other fan in the stadium.

Laces’s biggest fear is to become just another foul ball hit out of the stadium where he would never be on the field at Lawrence-Dumont ever again.

Don’t be deceived by his charm and never ending smile, Laces is a fierce competitor and will never back down from a challenge…just ask Casey the Cone or Sally the Shake.

Laces is proudly sponsored by Butler Community College!

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