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Presents the 85th NBC World Series

John Braden

John Braden2015 Hall of Fame

John Braden, a pillar of baseball history in Fort Wayne, Indiana made a major impact on the NBC World Series. Braden, was the first manager to guide teams to five NBC World Series Championships. He racked up four straight from 1947 to 1950, with number five happening in 1956.

Braden, also led two teams to the Global World Championships. On six occasions he coached his teams in wins over professional major league teams in exhibition play. In 1965, Braden was elected to the Northeast Indiana Baseball Association Hall of Fame. At the age of 82, Braden became the first season ticket holder in history of the minor league team, Fort Wayne Wizards.

A dominating run though the NBC World Series in the early years has earned Braden a place in the National Baseball Congress Hall of Fame.