Bob Steinkamp

Bob Steinkamp has given his time and talent to baseball in various ways for the duration of his life.

Not only was he the founder of the Beatrice, Nebraska Bruins, he was their only manager. Coaching the Bruins for 40 years and amassing more than 1,300 career wins. Bob led the Bruins to 25 NBC World Series appearances, 4-Final Four appearances and 9 Top Ten finishes. In 1998, Steinkamp earned the World Series Sportsmanship Award.

17 of Steinkamp’s players have reached the Major Leagues. Including this year’s NBC Graduate of the Year, Royals outfielder, Alex Gordon. AND 2008 Graduate of the Year, Yankees pitcher, Joba Chamberlain.

Bob’s ability to find talent wasn’t just reflected in his ability of managing players for 40 summers in South Central Nebraska. He has worked 20 years as a professional scout for the Arizona Diamondbacks, Chicago Cubs, Tampa Bay Devil Rays and is currently with the Seattle Mariners.

Inducted into the Nebraska Baseball Hall of Fame in 2009, Bob is currently the commissioner of the MINK summer collegiate league, that features 3 teams playing in this year’s NBC World Series.

On behalf of the National Baseball Congress staff and the NBC Hall of Fame committee, we want to congratulate our newest member of the 2013 NBC Hall of Fame, Bob Steinkamp.

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