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Presents the 85th NBC World Series

National Baseball Congress Hall Of Fame

In 1990, after 55 years of great players, managers and administrators for the National Baseball Congress along with the Rich family, who had purchased the NBC in 1986, decided to begin recognizing some of the great contributors to the NBC legacy by creating the “National Baseball Congress Hall of Fame.”

The first NBC tournament was a huge risk on his part, as similar tournaments had failed miserably on both coasts.

The inaugural class was selected and inducted during the 1991 NBC World Series in Wichita, KS. It was much harder to decide whom not to include than whom to include among the first 12 inductees. The class was led by the legendary Leroy “Satchel” Paige, who won the first NBC title with his pitching prowess and his Bismarck, ND, Corwin-Churchills barnstorming, integrated ball club. Paige still holds the NBC record with 60 strikeouts in one tournament and a 4-0 record!

Also a can’t-miss selection was NBC founder Raymond “Hap” Dumont, who in 1934 convinced the City of Wichita to build Lawrence-Dumont Stadium in order to host a national tournament. The first NBC tournament was a huge risk on his part, as similar tournaments had failed miserably on both coasts. Paige, and support from the local media and the national publication The Sporting News, helped make the tournament an instant success.

A complete list of Hall of Fame inductee’s follows, complete with the year they were inducted. Many are household names. Some are remembered only by those who have followed the progress of the NBC over the years.

Class of 1992

Larry Davis

Dick Sanders

Ozzie Smith

Class of 1993

Roger Clemens

Bert Wells

Class of 1995

Class of 1996

Class of 1997

Bobby Boyd

Randall “Dee” Hubbard

“Scoop” Nunes

Class of 1998

Bobby Bragan

Bob Broeg

Leo Mashak

Class of 1999

H.A. “Red” Boucher

Mark McGwire

Ralph Winegarner

Class of 2000

John Olerud

Dian Overaker

Kirk Vuscko

Class of 2002

Jim Dietz

Tony Gwynn

Leonard Kelley

Jack O’Toole

Class of 2004

Don Dennis

Mark Grace

“Baseball” Bill Gwinup

Carl Kentling

Class of 2005

Sonny Cashion

Bob Cerv

Will Clark

Harold Pyatte

Class of 2006

J.D. Schneider

Steve Shaad

Von Hayes

Robin Ventura

Class of 2007

Robert E. Rich, Jr.

Melinda R. Rich

Herb Hess

Arnold Ashley

Andy Teter

Class of 2008

Jess Bolen

Mike Dean

Burt Hooton

Dave Kingman

Class of 2009

Betty Abbott

Mike Hargrove

Paul Roberts

Class of 2010

Bob Carlile

Terry Elliot

Jerry Squires

Class of 2011

Barry Aden

Bob Considine

Dick “Chief” Twyman

George “Lefty” Van Brunt

Class of 2012

Class of 2013

Class of 2016

Augie Garrido

Clyde Girrens

Alvin “Boomer” Jones

Ken Marler

Taylor Thompson

Class of 2017

Rusty Gerhardt

Loren Packard

Doug Stokke

Jack O’Donnell

Wayne Elliott








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